Mobaro selected by Hersheypark for safety and maintenance

Mobaro, a provider of online maintenance and safety solutions, has announced that it has been selected by Hersheypark to digitise the park’s safety, maintenance and operations routines.

Mobaro is proud to announce that it is working with the popular Hersheypark in Pennsylvania, in order to roll out a new safety and maintenance solution. The much-loved attraction has grown from its roots as an employee leisure park in 1906 to one of the largest theme parks in the US. over 3.3. million people visit the park each year to enjoy its range of rides and attractions.

Due to the park’s huge scale, the volume of safety and maintenance inspection procedures is considerable, meaning that a reliable solution is important.

A paperless inspection system

“We have been looking to go to a paperless inspection system for several years now to enhance our current inspection process,” says Craig A. Glover, Rides Maintenance Manager at Hersheypark.

“After talking to Mobaro about the functions we wanted, we quickly realized that they could incorporate everything we want with their current platform. We tested the system on a couple of rides in 2019 and are excited to go live with the full system on our over 70 attractions in the 2020 season.”

Mobaro is thrilled to be working with such an iconic park as it grows its US presence and gains traction in the country with its industry-specific software. The company has developed its platform around the needs of the attractions industry, analysing real-life procedures and designed effective solutions.

“We are honoured to have one of the biggest parks in the US put their faith in our platform and partnership,” says Jens Holm-Møller, CCO at Mobaro. “And we can only applaud the team on their ambition for rolling out full scale for the upcoming season.

“They come very well-prepared for this operation and we look forward to seeing the solution prove its worth in this park. In general, we are seeing increased interest from North American attractions, and I am confident that Mobaro can be a truly valuable game-changer for maintenance teams across the continent.”

In 2019, Mobaro also announced that it is helping London’s Natural History Museum to meet expected standards, by providing a solution for central operations, safety and visitor satisfaction feedback.