Museum of Illusions opens in NYC

The newest Museum of Illusions has opened in New York City, in the West Village, with over 70 exhibits.

The museum features a smart playroom, where visitors can try out fiendish puzzles; and a smart shop where they can buy the puzzles to take home.

It opened on Thursday, September 20th and drew large queues.

CEO Renne Gjoni told CBS: “If you like illusions, come over here to 8th Avenue and 14th Street. It’s about bending reality, it’s about pausing reality.

“If people take pictures correctly, it will look like we’re standing on the wall.

“If I see people laughing and smiling, I said, ‘alright, we’re doing a good job here,’” he added.

He also said that the museum would be Instagram-friendly, and the museum’s website encourages visitors to bring their cameras.

Perceptions distorted

The centre features an Ames room, where perceptions are distorted to make someone appear to grow or shrink. The rotated room creates the illusion that guests are walking all around a room – including on the ceiling.

The cost of admission is $19 per adult and $15 for kids.

The Museum of Illusions is part of an international museum chain. The first Museum of Illusions opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. Further museums are planned for Canada, Georgia, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. The chain will also open museums in Hamburg, Kansas City and Qatar.

Earlier this month, a Museum of Illusions opened in Al Seef, Dubai. It is the biggest so far. The 450 square metre venue features several rooms of illusions and brainteasers.

Image courtesy Museum of Illusions NY via Facebook