New role at Nassal for Melissa Ruminot

The Companies of Nassal have promoted Melissa Ruminot from the position of director to vice-president of Marketing and Client Development.

Since joining Nassal in 2012, Ruminot has played a key role pursuing projects and ensuring a steady flow of work for the company, as well as developing clear marketing and branding strategies. As an “unofficial ambassador” to the company’s West Coast teams in California, she has promoted consistency of Nassal’s core culture between its various facilities, which also include its office in Orlando.

During Ruminot’s short time in the industry, she has made a big impact within various industry associations. In addition to being a board member of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums), she has served as president of the Eastern (US) board of the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association).

Melissa says she’s excited about her new position at the Companies of Nassal, which also includes Lexington and Nfusion. All three specialise in delivering cultural and entertainment destinations.

“I am so proud to represent such an amazing brand of companies, and feel privileged to work with the many talented and dedicated people behind all that we do.”