nFusion announces in-house appointment of new manager

nFusion, the independent project management team, has announced the appointment of a new manager. Jenna Aya has been promoted to the role from her existing position of Project Coordinator within the group.

Jenna Aya has proven herself to be a key member of the Fort Edmonton project team since starting with the company in January 2018. In her initial role, her responsibilities have included supporting the leadership team and also coordinating the consultant team.

nFusion has been impressed with Aya’s attention to detail, keen insights and organisational skills throughout the project, from design development and heading towards opening day in summer 2020.

A valuable member of the team

Jenna Aya nFusionAya is a certified Engineer in Training (EIT). She graduated from UCLA with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, specialising in Structural Engineering. “I truly enjoy working with the teams at nFusion. It is gratifying to work with people who are as passionate as they are talented, and I feel fortunate to be a part of it all. And I’m thrilled to represent a company that bridges the divide between technical engineering and creative storytelling to deliver incredible experiences,” said Aya.

nFusion is one of the three Companies of Nassal, alongside Nassal and Lexington. It specialises in a systematic approach to theme park, cultural attraction and mixed-use development delivery, by asking “Is it feasible? Is it deliverable? Is it buildable? And is it operable?”

The brand sponsored the 2019 IAAPA Leadership Conference in UAE. From integrated destinations to one-off attractions and urban-entertainment experiences, nFusion has a proven track record. Previous projects include Legoland Germany, Fort Edmonton Park Indigenous Peoples Experience in Canada and the Doha Oasis Theme Park.

nFusion also recently announced the launch of an industry blog. The aim of ‘Insights’ is to help guide stakeholders and developers through the process of delivering cultural and entertainment destinations. nFusion believes that each project is unique, and many different factors need to be taken into account. For instance, infrastructure, location, design, business, regulations and culture. The ‘Insights’ blog explores these topics and strives to outline a best practice approach. It is a useful resource for industry professionals.