Leading creator of artistic, multimedia entertainment, Emotion Media Factory, has been contracted to produce and install a spectacular multimedia show for Ocean Flower Island in Hainan, China.

Ocean Flower Island is a man-made archipelago being developed by the Evergrande Group. When complete, it will consist of three independent islets with a total area of 381 hectares (940 acres).

Emotion Media Factory’s 60-minute extravaganza will showcase both human performance and high-end technology. It is set to be performed on the world’s largest sea stage.

The specially constructed auditorium will seat 2500 guests for the brand new night entertainment.

Emotion Media Factory to Create Multimedia Spectacular for Evergrande's Ocean Flower Island

According to Emotion Media Factory, the show will include large scale water effects, 3D video, light, fire, sound, kinetic elements, special effects, as well as live animals and artists.

Evergrande’s Ocean Flower Island project is costing an estimated RMB 160 billion. Envisioned as a cultural tourist attraction, it will include the world’s largest conference centre and 58 hotels. One will take the form of a European castle. Among the many planned attractions are museums, an arts centre and a 127,000㎡ marine world. There will also be a water park, a themed shopping district, theme parks, a multiplex cinema, an arboretum and more.

The archipelago is located off the north coast of Hainan, China, west of the Yangpu Peninsula.

Emotion Media Factory is based in Germany. It is a leading provider of multimedia entertainment solutions for clients around the globe.

Over the last 31 years, the company has been committed to developing multimedia show systems that feed the senses and inspire the imagination.

Images courtesy Emotion Media Factory