PGAV Destinations announces latest Destinology publication, on navigating a changing workplace

PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations, has announced the latest Destinology publication, focusing on how leaders can navigate a changing workplace.

PGAV DestinationsPGAV Destinations is pleased to share it’s latest Destinology publication, in which leaders from the American Alliance of Museums, Georgia Aquarium, Biltmore Estate, and Europa-Park share details of their success. To bring in-depth insights, the company interviewed key players in the attractions industry, including leaders from first-class aquariums, science centres, theme parks and more. These interviewees shared tips on modern leadership.

The workplace is changing quickly and dramatically and technological developments mean that the modern business world looks different. This means that both employers and employees need to adapt, learning and developing new skill sets along the way.

A changing workplace

In today’s workplace, people are constantly receiving information, and as the digital world grows, face-to-face meetings decrease, and building relationships can be more of a challenge. As the workforce becomes younger and more diverse, new ways of working and new perspectives are emerging.

While the majority of this change is positive, it also requires leaders to adapt, reevaluating their priorities and picking up new skillsets along the way. Many of the interviewees that PGAV Destinations spoke to said that mentorship skills were a growing need in this environment.

“As leaders and those who are heading into the leadership community, we need to get our mentorship skills up, because the generation coming after the generation that’s coming is very definitive in what they need; and as they’re identifying mentorship, sponsorship, and leadership role models, they will flat-out tell you that you’re supposed to be in that role,” says Dr. Tonya Matthews, Associate Provost for Inclusive Workforce Development and Director of STEM Learning Innovation at Wayne State University.

Active listening and empathy

Many leaders also revealed how active listening and empathy are an important aspect of successful leadership. “To be a successful and dynamic leader, you need to be willing to take the harsh criticism, own it, and grow from it,” says Dr. Brian Davis, Executive Vice President of the Georgia Aquarium. “I learned a long time ago: we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

This new issue of Destinology is titled Lessons in Leadership: The Emerging Leaders of the Attractions Industry. It also features expert insights from Michael Mack (pictured, top), Managing Partner at Europa-Park, one of Europe’s leading theme park resorts, and Chase Pickering, Director of Experience Design and Development at the Biltmore Estate.

Earlier this year, PGAV Destinations, announced that its Ruby Falls expansion project received a Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for sustainability initiatives.