Planet Word Museum opens in Washington, D.C.

Planet Word

Planet Word, a new museum with interactive exhibits and high-tech displays dedicated to language and words, has opened in Washington, D.C.’s historic Franklin School.

Planet Word is the world’s first voice-activated museum, featuring immersive galleries and state-of-the-art exhibits that will engage visitors of all ages.

The high-tech museum aims to inspire and renew a love of words and language, looking at oral storytelling traditions, the written word, songwriting and sign language.

“I am so thrilled to open Planet Word’s doors to the public and cannot imagine a more fitting time for a museum of language to open in our nation’s capital,” said Planet Word founder and CEO Ann Friedman.

“Democracy depends on literate citizens,” she added. “I hope that Planet Word can provide a forum for civil discourse and a place where our community, in all its vibrant diversity, can gather to share the words that bridge differences and forge solutions.”

World’s first voice-activated museum open in D.C.

Planet Word features ten immersive learning galleries, which use technology to reimagine the modern museum experience.

The voice-activated ‘Where Do Words Come From?’ exhibit is a 22-foot-tall talking word wall that shares the story of the English language with light effects.

Planet Word also features an acoustically-sealed room where guests use a teleprompter to deliver historically significant speeches, a karaoke lounge, and a secret poetry nook in a magical library.

Other highlights include painting with words using ‘smart’ brushes and conversing with native speakers of widely spoken and endangered languages.

Immersive learning galleries at Planet Word

In the courtyard entrance of the museum is Speaking Willow, an immersive language experience that resembles a weeping willow and plays voice recordings.

Planet Word admission is free, and the attraction has implemented health and safety measures, including limited capacity, mandatory masks, and stylus pens.

In addition, Planet Word is launching a restaurant called Immigrant Food, which opened its flagship location in 2019, in spring 2021.

Images: Planet Word