Leading waterslide and waterpark company, Polin Waterparks, has supplied a wide range of waterslide attractions to the recently opened O’Gliss Waterpark in France.

Among them is the country’s first Looping Rocket.

The company’s partnership with leisure park and outdoor recreation design firm, Edsun Loisirs, led to the development of the €12 million (US$13.5 million) facility.

Guests can experience 12 waterslides, including a number of Polin’s most popular attractions: the Kamikaze, Freefall, Turbo Lance and, of course, the Looping Rocket.

Occupying 60, 000 square metres, O’Gliss is the third largest waterpark in France.

Polin waterslides include:

  • Looping Rocket. Guests enter a “launch capsule” 73 feet in the air with a trap door that opens to send them through a high-speed, horizontal, 360-degree loop.
  • The Freefall. Adventure meets adrenaline in this exhilarating ride.
  • The Kamikaze. A high-speed free-fall thrill ride with a curvy path that begins 88 feet high.

Polin’s Looping Rocket Waterslide Makes a Splash at O’Gliss Waterpark,  France

  • Tunnel Body Slide. A specially engineered ride delivering a long, smooth journey enhanced with visual and sound effects.
  • Giant Body Slide. This open slide consists of drops and straights to generate multiple speeds.
  • Twister Racer. A four-lane multi slide mixing speed with twisting turns as multiple tubes intertwine.
  • Multi Surf. Guests race each other on racing mats.
  • Flying Boats. A popular thrill slide using splash boats. Guests are propelled via water jets.
  • Racer Twin Hybrid (Space Boat + Turbolance Combo). This fusion slide is the world’s first circular, racing tube slide.

A high-speed free-fall thrill ride with a curvy path that begins 88 feet high. For younger guests, there’s a pirate-themed waterplay structure with tipping buckets, slides, net climbs and water cannons. In addition, kids can enjoy mini thrill rides on smaller versions of several of Polin’s popular attractions.