Leading software solutions company, Mobaro Park, has provided its digital safety and maintenance system to Ramayana Water Park, Thailand.

The decision by the country’s biggest waterpark to go paperless is part of a growing trend to streamline maintenance operations with Mobaro Park’s easy-to-use solution.

The implementation kicked off with a three-day workshop facilitated by Mobaro Park Asia representative, Anna Danau. This encompassed a thorough implementation and training session involving staff and management.

Mobaro Park digital safety and maintenance solution goes live at Ramayana Thailand's biggest waterpark

The workshop was structured around learning, testing and more testing. The sessions culminated in a total digital conversion using the Mobaro Park system. This involved all the Ramayana user groups accessing mobile checklists and communicating with one another quickly and efficiently.

Once in use, it was evident that all staff would benefit from being part of the same system. So, the management quickly decided to include the F&B team, cleaning team and security team. After completing his training, the park’s president even brought in the marketing team to keep them in the loop, too.

Mobaro Park digital safety and maintenance solution goes live at Ramayana Thailand's biggest waterpark

“I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed with all of the staff and management’s ability to learn quickly and to convert naturally to mobile checklists,” commented Danau. “But it doesn’t end here. Of course, we’ll continue to work with Ramayana to make system improvements and make sure the system is working for them in the best way possible and I look forward to our close and continuous partnership.

The Mobaro Park system has been developed specifically for the attractions sector. This is reflected in the way the company understands specific theme park workflows and routines, from daily checklists to annually scheduled monitoring programmes.

By upgrading to a state-of-the-art online system, attractions can take charge of operations with advanced mobile checklists and a digital back office system. Real-time monitoring of checks and inspections are designed to ensure optimum safety and quality.

Anna Danau will be at the Asia Attractions Expo in Singapore from June 13-16. Email ad@mobaro.com to arrange a meeting.