A world leader in providing thrilling attractions to the entertainment industry, Ride Entertainment has confirmed that the E-Motionboard flying theatre will make its debut at Six Flags Dubai.

The company has a long history working with Six Flags to seek out the most innovative rides for its parks. The E-Motionboard is seen as ‘the next step in this partnership’.

Manufactured by Austria’s Valtiner & Partner, the attraction reimagines the flying theatre, combining next-generation immersive technology with the relatively simple mechanics of an amusement ride.

Riders experience the E-Motionboard theatre standing up

Another key difference is that the riders experience the attraction standing up. According to Ride Entertainment, this puts them right in the heart of the action. The Motion Grid ensures the riders are comfortably supported in a standing position for the duration of the film.

Onscreen action is enhanced with a whole range of effects including wind, translucent floor and wall panels, platform drop effect, scent, fog, strobe lights and lasers. The experience is taken to the next level with a Virtual Reality (VR) audio/visual system.

The 6DOF system is designed to be owner friendly and electric drives ensure consistent uptime.

The theatre can accommodate 39 visitors at a time. The 1 metre height requirement and wheelchair access makes it available to as many guests as possible.

For added flexibility, the E-Motionboard can be used with almost any content library.

Six Flags Dubai will be Dubai Parks and Resorts’ fourth theme park and the region’s first Six Flags park. Owned by DXB Entertainments PJSC, the multi-themed destination includes the Hollywood-inspired MOTIONGATE™Dubai, LEGOLAND® Dubai and Bollywood Parks™ Dubai. Six Flags Dubai is slated to open in 2019.