Hold tight for ProSlide’s jet-propelled RocketBLAST water coaster

Leading creator of waterparks and attractions, Proslide, has taken water propulsion coasters to a whole new level with RocketBLAST.

Powered by new technology from the company’s award-winning LIM coasters, the RocketBLAST promises heart-stopping turns, lightning-fast drops and smooth acceleration.

Unlike many in the sector that use one nozzle at the base of each incline to propel boats forward, this coaster delivers an uncompromising ride experience thanks to Proslide’s patented water propulsion technology.

RocketBLAST™ features sequential water jets that apply consistent force to the boat, allowing it to rocket up steep hills. Despite the speed, the ride is still smooth – water is directed incrementally along the boat’s sides to help it glide.

RocketBLAST captures the water’s dynamic energy for 50% greater efficiency

Another innovation is the patented channel on the side of each boat. Water nozzles direct water into these channels. The boat’s cup shaped pockets capture the water’s dynamic energy to create 50% more efficiency than original blaster technology.

What’s more, the ride includes a number of capacity-boosting features so that as many guests as possible can enjoy the thrill experience. These include zone-blocking technology which means that a number of boats can be in the ride at the same time. Another option is a conveyor that delivers consistently high throughput.

people riding proslide rocketblast water coaster

Real-time, remote monitoring is also provided, giving access to accurate diagnostics through a secure VPN connection.

ProSlide water coasters have scooped 15 awards and number more than 25 worldwide installations.

2017 was a landmark year for the company with the introduction of five new products. These included the huge FlyingSAUCER™ 60, the Double TornadoWAVE™, the world’s first PowerRIVER™, and the TORNADO® 32 thrill ride. Among its many projects, ProSlide supplied a number of iconic rides to  Universal’s landmark attraction, Volcano Bay water park, including the acclaimed Krakatau Aqua Coaster.