Sawgrass Marriott First Resort in US to Offer Authentic Out-of-Ocean Surfing with American Wave Machine’s SurfStream

American Wave Machines, the world’s leading wave pool, surf park, and wave technology company producing authentic surf experiences, has announced that the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa is the first resort in the US to include the SurfStream® wave machine.

Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa, adjacent to TPC® Sawgrass, is one of the PGA Tour’s most venerable courses.  At the newly renovated resort’s opening weekend, ASP World Tour Surfers Lauren and Todd Holland, owners of School of Surf Cocoa Beach, Florida providing surfing demonstrations and instruction on SurfStream®.

SurfStream® technology creates a deep cushion of water so riders can use real surfboards with fins to carve on an endless wave. With multiple wave types in one machine allowing for body boarding and surfing, SurfStream® is appropriate for riders of all skill levels, who can now enjoy a customised authentic out-of-ocean surfing experience.

Holland, former ASP Pro Surfer said, “The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa has incredible potential to provide locals with tools for surf education never seen anywhere else.  People of all abilities will be able to get the fundamentals down and develop their skills in a cool setting at a beautiful resort. I’m stoked to be part of this.”

Bruce McFarland, president of AWM, added, “SurfStream® fits well with the Marriott innovative approach to delivering service and amenities to their guests.  We’re looking forward to introducing surfing to the active families at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa.”

American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® has been a hit at Oasis Surf at Quartier DIX30, in Brossard, Montreal.  The 150-seat beach-themed restaurant and bar, surrounds a 350,000 litre surf pool that generates real-size waves – uniting an authentic surfing experience, restaurant, retail and entertainment under one roof, breaking new ground in retailtainment.

Other exciting projects this year for the Californian company include a 2 acre surf lake at the BSR Surf Ranch in Waco, Texas.

Images: American Wave Machines