Science North’s travelling exhibition Beyond Human Limits hits the road

Creator of interactive and immersive attractions, Science North has announced its travelling exhibition, Beyond Human Limits, is available September 2018. 

Beyond Human Limits, is a hands-on exhibit featuring multi-media challenges and virtual reality to explore the science behind the most extreme activities in the world.

Guests can explore the psychology, physiology and physicality athletes need as well as the technology, creativity and innovation in the sport. The exhibit also includes stories from the athletes themselves on the passion and discipline needed in their everyday lives.

Beyond Human Limits Science North

The exhibition is 6,000 sq ft, and includes a 360 degree immersion room. In Beyond Human Limits, guests can also test their own abilities against the athletes such as crawling, hopping, rolling and vaulting to trace the footsteps of parkour athletes.

Blockbuster exhibition Wild Weather 

In addition, Science North is also announcing a newly available lease for their blockbuster exhibition Wild Weather in Fall 2018. 

This exhibition features hands-on exhibits, multi-player challenges and interactive media to experience the intensity and unpredictability of severe weather.

Wild Weather Science North

Not for the faint hearted, visitors are put directly in the path of a tornado, inside the eye of a hurricane and in the midst of a raging winter storm.

The exhibition explores the importance of climate change on severe weather and informs visitors how best to survive the storm. Wild Weather is touring until 2021. 

Both exhibitions are created in partnership with the Ontario Science Centre. For further information on both Beyond Human Limits and Wild Weather, contact Katie Clarke at