SenSource creates automated face mask detection system

SenSource Inc., a creator of people counting hardware and reporting software, has launched an automated solution for enforcing mask mandates, ideal for theme parks and FECs.

SenSource Inc. has announced the creation of the SenSource Mask Detection System, which will help operators in the attractions industry to easily monitor entrances and enforce face-covering rules in the wake of the global pandemic.

Many businesses in the attractions industry, from museums and zoos to amusement parks and FECs, now require guests to wear a face-covering. Often, these rules are put in place by local and national governments, and operators must enforce them or run the risk of fines or shut-downs. SenSource’s new automated face mask detection system is designed to help businesses with this task.

Automated face mask detection

This solution uses SenSource’s industry-leading smart sensors to detect whether or not visitors are wearing a face covering. This technology is partnered with the Vea Analytics Platform, to then communicate data to a visitor-facing display, which will show either a green “enter” sign or a red “mask required” sign.

This gets rid of the need to place staff members at entrances, as well as avoiding uncomfortable encounters. If a visitor is not wearing a mask, as well as the red sign, an optional audible alarm will remind them that they need to wear a face covering. A text alert can also be sent to supervisory staff.

SenSource’s sensors can detect a wide range of coverings with different patterns, colours and styles. They use 3D stereo video technology and are mounted to the ceiling so that no personal data is collected.

This technology is the latest feature to be added to SenSource’s SafeSpace Covid-19 solutions suite and can be used alongside the SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring solution. Customers already benefitting from the Occupancy Monitoring technology can easily add this new feature, and brand new clients could be using the full solution within a couple of weeks.