Simtec’s HEXaFLITE® The New Dimension of Flying Theatre at IAAPA

Simtec has pushed the Flyine Theatre idea to a new dimension. For us flying means moving in all directions like a bird in the air.  That is what we do.

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Based on 20 yeras of experience with six degree of freedom motion ride systems we have applied this technology to our new flying theatre system called HEXaFLITE®,   It dynamically moves along three linear axes with large strokes and angles – making your visitors feel flying like a bird.

A totally new experience in the world of entertainment – Made in Germany.

Simtec offers:

  • the HEXaFLITE® ride system with 16, 40 or 80 seats, or
  • the turn-key attraction including screen, projection, audio-video system and movie.

See us at the IAAPA show in Orlando: Booth 5402