Houston, we have an app! Guru’s mobile tour lands at Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston has launched an interactive mobile tour courtesy of Guru. The app-based tour offers visitors facts about space exploration and lots more.

independence plaza jra space center houstonSome of the features are as follows:

  • Location-aware audio tour
  • Interactive augmented reality experiences
  • Virtual Reality Lite experiences
  • Exclusive Space Center Houston videos
  • Selfie filters
  • GPS-enabled maps
  • Daily and special events calendar with built-in notifications

As Space Center Houston visitors walk through the facility, those using the app can learn about space exploration past, present and future. Here are just three questions to which they can discover answers:

  • How did the American grandfather of rocket science, Robert Goddard, get kicked out of his hometown?
  • Why did early astronauts bring water guns to space?
  • Why is there so much Velcro on the International Space Station?

Maybe you can guess the answer to the last one. Meanwhile the augmented reality features offered in the mobile tour allow guests to explore the Moon, watch the Saturn V launch and more.

Guru Space Center Houston helmetWayfinding and GPS-enabled map technology allow visitors to find everything from Martian rocks to spacecrafts and astronaut bathrooms. And with the included selfie filters, visitors can even see themselves as astronauts.

Users of the app, which is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, can also take a virtual tour of the Space Center from the comfort of their own home.

Guru’s wide-ranging client base also includes many cultural institutions.

Main image courtesy of JRA