Creative software and technology company, 7thSense, is powering a special demonstration of the StarVR virtual reality headset throughout this week’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

The company has provided a single Infinity media server to drive two configurations for the demo.

The first is powering a 67-million-pixel experience running at 8192 x 8192 resolution at 60fps in 8-bit colour, with fisheye media from NSC Creative.

The second is a 3840 x 3840 60fps 8-bit per eye, 3D stereo fisheye media setup.

Infinity is the company’s most powerful media server in its Delta Media range and offers a vast range of hardware and software options. Positioned as the cutting-edge of media serving, it has been designed to meet the demands of some of the most prestigious displays in the world.

Attendees interested in experiencing the demo are invited to contact 7thSense

Developed in-house, 7thSense’s Delta Media Server is integrated with a number of industry virtual reality (VR) headsets (HMDs). These include the HTC VIVE, OCULUS Rift, and any other headset supported by the OpenVR platform.

This feature can be used for display system visualisation and analysis, and is also ideally suited to multi-user VR experiences and attractions.

Whether driving a VR experience that uses headsets or one that involves a projected display using interactive technologies, 7thSense provides the functionality to composite high resolution, high frame-rate, uncompressed playback with high quality real-time assets in a 3D environment from platforms such as Unity and Unreal.

Founded in 2004, 7thSense specialises in advanced Media Serving for venues including theme parks, planetaria, 3D entertainment theatres and visitor attractions. To date, the company has provided over 3000 servers to major attractions worldwide.

Image courtesy StarVR