Swedice and Neveplast deliver a new dry ski slope, Copenhagen

A leader in year-round ski and ice attractions, Swedice and its partner Neveplast have supplied matting for a dry ski slope atop a brand new waste management plant in Copenhagen.

neveplast matting on copenhill ski slopeThe architect-designed Copenhill (also known as Amager Resource Center) is understood to be the most efficient waste burning and energy-generating plant in the world. It has been designed to process 400,000 tons of waste every year, generating heat for 150,000 households and low-carbon electricity for 550,000 people.

Marrying industry with entertainment (indutainment? suggests Swedice’s Managing Director, Dick Keser), the site is also home to the world’s tallest climbing wall and a large recreation area offering water sports, football fields and a go-kart track.

Slated to open this autumn, the recreational facility surrounded by futuristic architecture and steaming chimneys is more akin to something out of Blade Runner than an adventure attraction.

With extensive knowledge of projects across Northern Europe, Swedice was able to share its expertise and experience with partner Neveplast, who supplied over 9200 sqm of fireproof skimatting for the project, in 8 different shades of green.

The site is expected to attract around 57,000 visitors annually.

20 years in operation, Swedice is known for its 365 Ride, Slide & Glide attractions such as Dry Tubing and Skiddy Driftkarting. The company also powers mobile and permanent ice rinks with its Icefloo technology.