Polin unveils Europe’s first Family Turbolance ride at Tatralandia Aquapark, Slovakia

A global leader in waterslide technology, Polin Waterparks, has unveiled renderings of a brand new ride complex at Tatralandia Aquapark featuring Europe’s first Family Turbolance.

Slated to open later this month, the new complex also includes a Family Rafting Waterslide.

family turbolance slide tatralandia slovakia

Polin waterslide complex at Tatralandia Aquapark

The waterpark is part of Tatralandia Holiday Resort which also includes a year-round tropical seaside environment and an accommodation complex.

Family Turbolance is a high capacity 4-person ride. The ride launches from a height of 17.16 m down a steep drop before propelling guests uphill vertically. A reverse path takes them over a bump and they finally end up in a splash pool. Tatralandia has branded its new Family Turbolance ‘Mega Delphin’.

The Family Rafting Waterslide, ‘Mega 4 Family’, gives families the chance to enjoy the twists, turns and drops together, in a 4-person inflatable raft.

aerial view polin's family turbolance and rafting slide tatralandia waterpark

Aerial view of Polin’s Family Turbolance and Family Rafting Waterslide

The new two-slide complex features a conveyor which automatically carries the rafts back to the top.

Family Turbolance features pioneering RTM technology

As with all Polin’s signature attractions, Family Turbolance is manufactured using its pioneering Resin-Transfer Moulding (RTM) technology. According to the company, this delivers a ‘perfectly shiny and smooth finish on both sides of the slide; a more homogenous thickness distribution; perfectly smooth joints, and very important environmental advantages’.

RTM technology is generally used in the automotive, marine and aircraft industries. Polin is currently the only waterslide manufacturer in the world that can produce large waterslide components using this technology and that can offer the complete line as RTM.

The Family Rafting Waterslide also features Polin’s Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology within the enclosed parts. This brings the ride alive for both riders and spectators with a colourful, natural light show. No electricity, LED lamps or phosphorous paint are necessary.

guests in pool at tatralandia aquapark

Polin waterslide complex with raft conveyor

“Polin’s engineers invented this ‘natural light show’ 20 years ago using a special technique that allows sunlight to filter through the slide’s composite material. As water flows through the tubes, it interacts with the light to create the effect,” explains the company.

Polin teamed up with long-time partner, Eleven Kft, to work on the design and construction of Tatralandia’s new slide complex.