Technifex to Unveil New Dragon’s Breath Heat Blaster™ at IAAPA Attractions Expo

Leading entertainment technologies company, Technifex, is showcasing its brand new Dragon’s Breath Heat Blaster™ at the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

The company’s latest EFX product is designed to enhance dark rides and attractions by delivering a precisely-timed short, sharp blast of hot air.

The blaster uses compressed air and an industrial heat tube and remains hot thanks to a constant low level of air flow.

A pre-programmed cue turns off the air knife that blocks the hot air flow and a hot blast of compressed air shoots out of the nozzle instantaneously. The blaster can be speedily de-activated and placed in “ready” mode awaiting the next trigger signal.

“There is a definite need to recreate natural phenomenon, such as fire and heat, in the Themed Entertainment industry, ” reports Monty Lunde, President, Technifex, Inc.

“Due to the extensive regulations prohibiting the use of real fire, Technifex developed Faux Fire™ simulated fire products. Using Dragon’s Breath Heat Blasters, we can now safely provide real heat to enhance simulated fire effects.”

According to Lunde, Dragon’s Breath is the only special effects product available that provides an instant blast of intense heat. Initial installations of the new product are at Chimelong and Lotte World theme parks.

Founded in 1984, Technifex’s innovations in concept design, engineering and fabrication of show and entertainment systems, permanent iconic features and special effects, have been recognised with twenty-two THEA and IAAPA awards.