Themebuilders Philippines produces realistic figures for clockmakers exhibition

Themebuilders Philippines Inc., a specialist in theme projects and design, produced realistic figures for an exhibition at the Hong Kong Science Museum, called “Treasures of Time – The Clockmaker’s Workshop.”

Themebuilders Philippines is pleased to announce that it was the creator behind the realistic rubber models for the “Treasures of Time – The Clockmaker’s Workshop” at the Hong Kong Science Museum. The exhibit transported guests to 18th century Europe, in collaboration with Globe Creative.

Approximately 650,000 visitors attended the exhibition, which ran from December 2018 to April 2019.

Clockmaking –  behind the scenes

Themebuilders Philippines produced the rubber models of the clockmaker and the clockmaker’s assistant that were on display as part of the exhibit. These were created with a high level of precision, from their facial features and the texture of their skin to the detail in their clothes and hair.

Themebuilders Philippines

Speaking about the exhibition, Globe Creative said: “This exhibition merges science, history and art and gives visitors an opportunity to understand the concept of time and mechanisms of clocks through films, exhibits and displays of exquisite timepieces.

“For a better understanding of the cultural exchange that also took place, visitors are taken back to 18th century Europe where they enter a working ‘clock tower’ to experience the inner workings of a clock, and a clockmaker’s workshop to see the tools and equipment used in European clock making.”

This is not the first time that Themebuilders and Globe Creative have successfully collaborated. In 2019, the company designed and produced 10 realistic chimpanzees for the “Becoming Jane – Inspiring a Shared Planet” Exhibition, also held at the Hong Kong Science Museum. Again, these were created with a high level of precision and detail in order to achieve maximum realism.

Last year, Themebuilders Philippines also created 15 realistic dinosaurs for a new ride at the Belgian theme park Plopsaland De Panne. Dino Splash features an exciting prehistoric scene, complete with dinosaurs and volcanoes.