Themebuilders delivers life-size chimpanzees to Jane Goodall exhibit

Themebuilders Phillippines Inc., a specialist in theme projects and design, has announced the completion of a project for The Jane Goodall Institute. Ten life-size realistic chimpanzees were created for the ‘Becoming Jane’ exhibition.

Themebuilders is proud to have worked with The Jane Goodall Institute on this project. It designed and built ten different chimpanzees for the ‘Becoming Jane’ exhibition, which is currently on display in Hong Kong’s Science Museum. The exhibit will also be travelling to other cities in Asia in the future.

The Jane Goodall Institute is a global non-profit organisation, founded by the world-renowned primatologist and conservationist. It is dedicated to wildlife research, conservation and education. One of the Institute’s primary focuses in an educational programme called “Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots”. The aim of this programme is to empower young people to take action and care for the environment, the community and animals.

Life-like creations

themebuilders becoming jane goodall exhibitThemebuilders created ten sculptures for the exhibit which were all different and life-sized. The company made every effort to ensure these models were authentic in look and feel. It worked closely with the client to achieve this, using research and coordination.

Dedicated artists at the company undertook precise, detailed work during the production. The specially made clay models, rubber and resin were implanted with real hair. The finished chimpanzees show the high level of craftsmanship which took place during the construction.

Freddy Kimaro of the Jane Goodall Institute Tanzania is pleased with the results of the project. He says the sculpture has ‘amazing detail and these chimps look very healthy’.

Themebuilders has been involved in a number of projects around the globe recently. It has created the new roller disco theming for the K3 Roller Skater at Plopsaland de Panne, as well as a large ice dragon for Toverland’s Fenix Coaster. The company also announced that it will be working on the new CORPUS attraction in China.