Themebuilders creates indoor theming for Tarzan and Jane in Belgium

Themebuilders Philippines Inc., a specialist in theme projects and design, has created indoor theming including glow in the dark murals and fibreglass items for Belgium’s largest indoor playground.

Themebuilders Philippines Inc. is pleased to announce that it has provided a range of quality theming for Tarzan and Jane, a popular indoor playground in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The attraction is the biggest indoor playground in the Benelux area and has been entertaining families since it opened in June 2018.

The company produced glow-in-the-dark murals for Tarzan and Jane’s mini-golf course, creating an immersive experience for guests with safari, under-the-sea and arctic scenes.

Themebuilders Tarzan and Jane neon murals

Immersive environment

Themebuilders also produced quality fibreglass objects to enhance the environment, for instance, ice formations, a life-size polar bear and a crouching tiger hidden in the bushes. The company also created a dolphin, suspended in mid-air as part of the under-the-water scene.

In addition to the fun glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, there are also many other attractions for families to enjoy on a visit to Tarzan and Jane, For example, a toboggan run, a snow glider and laser tag. There is also a game room and well as inflatable play, an obstacle course and trampolines.

Themebuilders Tarzan and Jane tiger

Themebuilders designs and manufactures quality and detailed theming for clients around the world. The products are suitable for a range of venues, from theme parks and FECs to restaurants, bars and hotels. As well as creating bespoke items, it also has ready-made collections on a number of themes, for example, Vikings, cowboys and pirates, as well as different types of animals. These are available as single items or a whole themed collection.

Earlier this year, the company created comic and realistic animals for Fajnpark, a popular theme park in the Czech Republic. The models include a life-size giraffe as well as other animals such as lions and rhinos.