Award-winning theming and specialty construction company, COST of Wisconsin, is celebrating 60 years as a major player in the industry.

The family firm’s enviable client list includes Disney, Universal, Smithsonian’s National Zoo and SeaWorld.

“We’re the most established company in our industry, ” says COST of Wisconsin Inc.’s President, Lance Stanwyck, in the latest issue of North American Builders.

“We’ve seen some people come in and some go out but we’re still here. We’re a solid player our customers can rely on.”

Launched in 1957 by Lance’s grandfather, John Stanwyck, the company initially created naturalistic animal environments for Milwaukee County Zoo.

Sixty years later,  COST’s reputation for excellence in the zoo sector is stronger than ever.

Significant theming projects to date include the African Adventure at Fresno Chaffee Zoo. The highly skilled team precisely replicated native African rocks and trees for the 13-acre naturalistic habitat.

The company cites its ability to blend ‘proven construction methodologies with an artistic flair’ as a key competitive difference.

Another advantage in terms of costs and scheduling is COST’s significant fabrication facility. The 144, 000 square foot plant is equipped with has everything from BIM modelling, 5-Axis Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine and prototype 3D printing to proprietary Computer Aided Framework System (CAFS).

Unlike many of its competitors, the company has chosen not to rely on freelancers and subcontractors. Instead, it invests in training and maintaining its staff.

‘We certainly embody the Midwestern work ethic, ’ Stanwyck told North American Builders. ‘We focus on providing high quality and we want to give our clients the quality they are expecting or exceed those expectations.’

Experience COST’s award-winning projects worldwide in zoos, theme parks, casinos, resorts, museums, botanical gardens, residential communities, golf courses, family entertainment centres, theme retail stores, and restaurants.