Thunderbird: Holiday World Reveals New Launched Wing Coaster

Holiday World has announced details of Thunderbird, the new launched wing coaster due for launching in spring 2015.  

The steel roller coaster features include a 0-60mph launch in 3.5 seconds as well as a 14-story Immelmann loop, a Zero-g roll, a barrel roll and a 125’ loop. 

Thunderbird: Holiday World Reveals New Launched Wing CoasterCommenting on the announcement, Holiday World’s president Matt Eckert said, “A wing coaster creates a feeling of incredible freedom – you ride beside the coaster track with nothing above or below you.  Thunderbird is the first launched wing coaster in the nation – we can’t wait to ride it!”

PGAV Destinations was theming designer for the new thrill ride, taking inspiration from the Thunderbird name and coaster design to create the visual theming of a powerful flight through the farms and forests of southern Indiana.

At $22 million, Thunderbird represents a significant investment for Holiday World – more than double that of any other ride in the park.  Eckert describes the Thunderbird’s manufacturers Bolliger & Mabillard as the “Cadillac of roller coasters, known for their safety, quality and reliability. We’ve dreamed of adding a B&M steel coaster for many years and are excited that Thunderbird will be B&M’s first launched coaster.”

Images and video: Holiday World