The Turbo Track preshow for Ferrari world Abu Dhabi’s new roller coaster, was created by media-based attraction specialist Holovis.

The LSM driven reverse free-fall roller coaster launches guests vertically up out of the centre of the park and through the iconic red roof. Like the park’s Formula Rossa and Flying Aces coasters, Turbo Track was designed and manufactured by Intamin.

The story behind the attraction is that guests are invited to show that they possess what it takes to become part of Ferrari’s world class racing team. The attraction is therefore set in Ferrari’s Abu Dhabi testing facility for new test drivers. It features several ‘exams’ that test guests’ reflexes and precision. These culminate in a High Speed Brake Test – the launch coaster – that tests their courage.

Turbo Track Preshow “Unique and Memorable”

Holovis scripted and show produced all aspects of the turbo track preshow. This includes extensive media throughout the facility and a live actor-led show within the attraction. At the center of the preshow is the Testing Room. This is an audience participation experience where an actor, playing the part of the facility’s Assistant Technical Director and the Test Functions Oversight System (or TFOSy), the sarcastic computer which runs the facility, lead guests through a series of interactive tests.

turbo track preshow ferrari world abu dhabi

For the Testing Room show Holovis cast, directed and filmed in its new production studio at the Holovis headquarters in the UK as well as on-location in Abu Dhabi.

Amy Steele is VP of Development at Holovis. She says, “Holovis is unique in that we produce attraction design, AV and show content with our in-house teams. Our engineering, show producing and media teams were able to coordinate the respective designs together. They created a show that keeps the energy levels and excitement high throughout. It also adds the unique and memorable element of a live audience participation show within the attraction.”

Holovis also specified and installed all the AV hardware throughout the attraction, including BGM speakers, video monitors and back of house show control.

The company was recently ranked as the ninth fastest growing SME for international sales in the UK. In January they revealed a design and patent for the world’s first Immersive Elevator MediaCoaster.