Twisted Timbers hybrid coaster debuts at Kings Dominion

Twisted Timbers, a hybrid wood and steel roller coaster, debuted at Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia on Saturday.

Boasting a 33m barrel-roll drop, three inversions and overbanked turns, and 20 gravity-defying airtime moments at speeds of over 80kmh, Twisted Timbers has been in development for around a year at Kings Dominion, a park operated by Cedar Fair. It was designed and built by Rocky Mountain Construction.

Twisted Timbers is an innovative hybrid coaster that uses the latest technology to combine wood supports with a steel track to give riders an exhilarating experience. Features of the ride include:

  • 33m tall barrel roll drop
  • Over 915m of track
  • Top speed of 86.9kmh
  • Three loops
  • Three overbanked turns
  • 20 airtime moments.

Twisted Timbers is located in the Candy Apple Grove section of the park and is themed to an abandoned apple orchard on the edge of town. The story behind the coaster is that an unknown force – supernatural or natural – destroyed the harvest years ago and froze the orchard in time. Now the strictly “off-limits” orchard has reopened for tours, with the twisted ride as its highlight.

Twisted timbers hybrid coaster at Kings Dominion designed by Rocky Mountain Construction

Twisted Timbers is just one of four new roller coasters debuting at Cedar Fair parks this year. Cedar Point in Ohio is set to open Steel Vengeance, another wood and steel hybrid coaster while Knott’s Berry Farm in California will unveil the West Coast’s first dive coaster – HangTime. Meanwhile, Great America in Santa Clara is warming up for first-of-its-kind single rail roller coaster, RailBlazer.

Images: c. Kings Dominion.