Virtuix announces $100,000 cash prize pool for VR esports tournament

Virtuix, developer of the Omni virtual reality treadmill and Omni Arena esports attraction, has teamed up with HP to offer a cash prize pool of $100,000 for the 2020 Omni Arena esports series.

Virtuix is pleased to announce that it has doubled the current prize pool for the 2020 Omni Arena esports series from $50,000 to $100,000, making it the biggest VR esports competition in the world. The tournament is also sponsored by HP, and winning teams will receive an HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset.

“Our 2019 esports contests exceeded all expectations,” says Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “More than 1,000 players in over a dozen countries participated. Given the success of the series, we are thrilled to double our prize pool for 2020.”

Omni Arena

Omni Arena esports

Omni Arena by Virtuix is a VR esports attraction. Due to the four Omni motion platforms, players are able to actually run around while player, positioning them directly inside popular video games such as first-person shooters.

Contests currently take place weekly and monthly, where teams of four compete to top the global leaderboards.

“The physical engagement of the Omni combined with competitive, multiplayer gaming is a winning formula for location-based entertainment that results in high repeat play,” Goetgeluk says. “A $100,000 prize pool attracts gamers who play again and again. Our core players come back to compete every week.”

Omni Arena Esports

“We are excited to participate in the Omni Arena esports contest series,” says Joanna Popper, HP’s Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location-Based Entertainment. “Virtuix has built a competitive gaming experience that requires both video gaming skills and physical fitness. Such active esports offer a unique way for entertainment venues to reach a new audience of gamers, build a community of frequent players, and showcase the groundbreaking technology that HP is known for.”

Virtiux also recently announced the addition of two new members to its sales team, Lisa Chapman and Marisa Garris. Between them, they bring over 30 years of industry experience to their new positions.