New VR Arena esports system by Virtuix generates revenue of $30,000 in first month

Virtuix, the company behind the Omni VR treadmill and Omniverse entertainment system, has announced the success of its new VR Arena esports system. In the first month of operation, the attraction achieved revenues of over $30,000.

Along with Funovation, an industry leader in developing small-footprint attractions, Virtuix opened the first VR Arena in the world in March 2019. Located at Pinballz Family Entertainment Centre in Austin, Texas, the attraction has proved incredibly popular. Since its installation, more than 1,800 people have enjoyed the experience. With 2,200 plays in the first month, it has shown a repeat play rate of 15%. It has been attracting players of all ages, with the youngest player so far aged five and the oldest aged 65. The attraction costs $15 per play or $12 as part of a combo package.

A new gaming experience

Virtuix VR arena“VR ARENA has exceeded our expectations,” said Darren Spohn, owner of Pinballz. “Guests are loving the experience, and we see strong repeat play. Thanks to the esports prize competitions, we’re able to attract a new audience of gamers and entice guests to play again and again.”

The attraction offers weekly and monthly esports tournaments. These are organised by Virtuix and sponsored by HP an HTC. Gamers can benefit from a yearly prize pool of over $50,000.

The VR Arena is a four-player esports attraction that offers high-energy fun. It includes four Omni motion platforms that allow players to walk and run inside the immersive VR system. It has the capacity for a throughput of 20 players per hour and can be operated with only one member of staff, even at peak capacity.

“The big draw of the attraction is the ability to walk and run around inside a video game,” said Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “Such a unique experience cannot be had at home. We’ve seen some customers drive for more than an hour to come play.”

The VR Arena in Texas was opened in March and Virtuix says it plans a further 20 installations by the end of the year.