Walltopia partners with Climbmat to offer safety flooring

Walltopia, a leading climbing wall manufacturer, has teamed up with Climbmat to offer new safety flooring solution called One More Life.

Walltopia is proud of its commitment to health and safety and has announced that it has formed a partnership with Climbmat to offer One More Life, a special type of flooring solution.

The company acknowledges that every activity set above ground comes with a risk or falling, and works to guard against this in two ways: decreasing the chances of human error and decreasing the severity of an incident if a fall does occur. This is why it stresses the importance of proper matting for climbing attractions, even though there is no mandatory flooring regulation for climbing-based activities over 5 metres.

One More Life

Walltopia and Climbmat offer safety flooring solution called One More Life, which has been developed and tested in order to minimise the chance of severe injury from falls between 7 and 17 metres high.

One More Life is designed to work in a similar way to an airbag in a car. It absorbs much of the kinetic energy from the downward motion and also decreases the deceleration force.

“Walltopia advises and highly recommends that all amusement centres offering activities above 5 m take responsibility to provide their customers with the highest possible safety precautions, including energy-absorbing flooring,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Let’s build a safe and fun environment for active entertainment!”

Earlier this year, Walltopia announced that it has added to its product portfolio and is now supplying a new type of adventure attraction: artificial caves. As part of this fun new product, visitors can clamber through tiny holes, get up close to stalactites and stalagmites and dive into sumps. There are also challenges along the way such as interactive games, treasure hunts and RFID-based electronic games.