Walltopia’s Ninja Courses and bouldering walls make workouts fun

Walltopia, a leading climbing wall manufacturer, provides Ninja Courses and boulder climbing walls to make workouts fun and interesting.

Walltopia is on a mission to make workouts fun and diverse, catering to a sense of play that motivates people to keep coming back and to meet their fitness goals. Its Ninja Courses and boulder climbing walls, alongside the customisable Gamifier platform from Techtopia, helps to maximise workouts and put a stop to boring fitness routines.

It’s human nature to want to play and move naturally, rather than slog through repetitive exercise. If the activity is fun and engaging, people are more likely to want to continue.

Train like a ninja

Walltopia’s Ninja Course is an adventurous obstacle course which can be enjoyed by all ages. It includes several different elements that challenge different parts of the body. The company’s consultants can help clients choose from more than 45 quality obstacles in order to design a successful and fun course. The products can also be bought separately and are retrofittable.

Earth Treks, Maryland walltopia bouldering

These elements can also be installed in combination with boulder walls for an extra challenge, helping guests to work on their strength and endurance. Both types of course are easy to install and maintain, and the simple structure allows for quick upgrades to keep the experience fresh.

The Ninja Courses can also be used with Techtopia’s customisable Gamifier platform, meaning that guests can track their progress, work on their own high scores or complete with friends. This also encourages repeat visits.

Funtopia, Sofia, Bulgaria

A range of obstacles

The Ninja Course obstacles are varied, in order to target different muscle groups. The course includes both cardiovascular elements and strength training, allowing visitors to work on their endurance in a fun and different way.

Obstacles include climbing nets, jump boxes, salmon ladders, spin cycles, spiderwalls, flying rings and more. A successful course combines obstacles with different difficulty levels to keep guests occupied both physically and mentally. This type of activity improves balance and flexibility as well as focusing the brain and reducing stress.


Walltopia has a wide portfolio of active entertainment products. Their latest Ropes course design, The Tree Course, was announced at last year’s IAAPA Expo in Orlando.