Three customised service robots from specialist company, WeRobots, are being used to sell tickets at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo.

Believed to be a world’s first, the Robo Sharks are proving a draw and a boost to ticket sales at the Dubai Mall attraction.

WeRobots is a joint venture between Austrian media-based attractions company, Attraktion! and Germany’s Metralabs.

Although service robots are not unique, WeRobots specifically set out to create a useable robot solution that is profitable for buyers and operators.

The units specialise in guiding visitors in large venues such as shopping malls, as well as delivering state-of-the-art information.

The Robo Sharks at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo signal the first time WeRobots have been used in a sales agent function.

Attraktion! has been involved in robotics for some years now. The company is a turnkey provider of entertainment attractions for theme parks, family entertainment centres, science centres and more. Attraktion!’s wide ranging portfolio includes dome theatre attractions, simulation attractions, interactive games and exhibits.