wiegand.waterrides receives IAAPA Brass Ring Award for SlideCoaster

wiegand.waterrides GmbH, a leading water ride and attraction provider, has won a Brass Ring Award for the best new product concept at IAAPA Expo 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

wiegand.waterrides GmbH is proud to announce that it won a Brass Ring Award at last week’s IAAPA Expo, which took place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Its new product, SlideCoaster, picked up the award for the most innovative product concept.

SlideCoaster is a combination of rollercoaster and waterslide, which is a world first. The attraction was designed in partnership with a former employee of the company, Frank Heimes, who founded Up & Down Engineering.

An innovative concept

“How do you combine the spectacular thrill of a roller coaster with the ultimate fun of a waterslide?” says Heimes. “Imagine the moment when you sit in a roller coaster. The adrenaline goes up and you start getting nervous. But do not panic! After starting from 0 to 50 km in just a few seconds – with a maximum acceleration of up to 0.8g – the intoxication continues in our high-speed water slide.

“You do not have to climb any stairs or carry a tire. Just get in one of the boats and be catapulted to the highest point where you can start the slide.”

wiegand.waterrides is no stranger to success at IAAPA’s Brass Ring Awards, having won five awards in 2018 for the world’s first SlideWheel and the Virtual Reality Slide when it was operating under its previous company name of wiegand.maelzer.

The company is the only manufacturer offering water slides in stainless steel and fibreglass, as well as a combination of those materials. Its wide range of products includes wave slides, trough slides, tube slides, pendulum slides and play towers. It also creates children’s attractions, as well as the award-winning Virtual Reality water slide.

Earlier this year, wiegand.waterrides announced the departure of Rainer Maelzer and rebranded under its new name.