Zero Latency, Australian pioneer and world leader in cutting-edge free-roam VR gaming, has announced the second installation of its epic-scale, multiplayer VR gaming concept in a karting centre.

Xtreme Racing & Entertainment, a premier indoor karting facility near Tulsa, Oklahoma, is opening its Xtreme Virtual Reality arena, powered by Zero Latency, during the first week of June.

The news comes hot on the heels of Octane Raceway’s announcement that it plans to unveil its new Velocity VR arena – also powered by Zero Latency – this Memorial Day.

Each of the 2,000+ square foot arenas is set to be a regional first-of-its-kind experience, demonstrating a growing trend in adding VR immersive gaming to enhance the live racing experience.

Zero Latency expansion accelerates as karting centre green lights epic-scale multiplayer VR arena

“There is an obvious fit between the white-knuckle experience of kart racing and Zero Latency’s mind-blowing virtual reality games,” comments Bob Cooney, Zero Latency’s Head of Global Business Development.

“Zero Latency’s appeal to millennials seeking high-adrenaline entertainment fits a karting centre’s customers like a driving glove. Our per-minute pricing models are almost identical to high-speed track time too, creating a combination that leverages the 25-40 year old customer base of any indoor karting centre to increase utilisation and profits.”

Zero Latency-powered arenas have no physical walls or obstacles, allowing teams of players to roam freely through the virtual environment. The company powers arenas worldwide, either as standalone attractions or integrated experiences, in Japan, Madrid, Australia and the United States, with more on the way in Boston, Philadelphia, and beyond.

“Kart racers like to literally be behind the wheel and drive their experience, essentially controlling their own adventure, which is precisely what they will love about our free-roam VR,” adds Tim Ruse, co-founder and CEO of Zero Latency. “Every play-through of a Zero Latency game is different and unique; and every player has an impact on the players in the adventure with them.”

It seems Zero Latency won’t be taking its foot off the pedal any time soon.