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Triotech Storm™


The Storm™ is one of the best VR gaming Attractions. This operator free, coin-op- experience stands out due to its innovative use of hand gesture technology combined with competitive gameplay. Motion seats and wind heighten the experience and create a unique ride that guests have never experienced before.

Current Products on the Storm:

Hitch a ride on a mining cart and experience the great American West on this thrilling interactive VR ride. Collect points as you race through canyons, feel the wind in your hair as you careen off the side of a cliff, and brace yourself as you drop from the peak of a mountain. This non-stop adventure will leave you wanting more.

Treat yourself to the sweetest ride and race through chocolate covered mountains and marshmallow hills. Candy canes and lollipops are just a few of the delights this fun-filled adventure has to offer. With tons of drops and high-speed chases, there’s no doubt this candy inspired, interactive VR ride will leave you on a sugar high.

A new and exciting interactive VR ride that takes you underwater through mysterious caves and enchanting seascapes. This action-packed odyssey is full of surprises as you dive through sunken ships, ruins and drop even further into the vast unknown, all the while collecting points and soaking in the wonders of the deep blue sea.

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