Theme parks: The Tivoli Gardens Flying Trunk Ride

In Hans Christian Anderson's a�?The Flying Trunka�? a penniless lad is carried off to far away lands by means of (you guessed it) a magical flying trunk. On the Tivoli Gardens Flying Trunk Ride, guests are whisked off to 32 different animatronic vignettes of favorite H.C. Anderson's fairy tales. Tivoli director of design Mikkel Sonne is heading the project.

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Built in 1993, The Flying Trunk Ride is getting an upgrade in time for the summer season. In addition to a new soundtrack, designers are sprucing up the sets and enlivening the colors.

Also new for 2010 is the Tivoli Hotel. Located a mere 1000 meters from Tivoli Gardens the Tivoli Hotel owned and operated by Arp-Hansen Hotel Group A/S, the 400 room hotel will be themed by Tivoli A/S. To cement the connection between the hotel and park, the hotel will sport Tivoli themed children’s play areas, sell Tivoli souvenirs as well have Tivoli characters drop by the hotel to interact with guests.