First Look: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

A look into our experience and endeavor into the realm of augmented reality and virtual reality in themed entertainment venues around the world.

As entertainment becomes increasingly sophisticated, developers have figured out many clever ways to bring augmented reality into guest experiences. But while it’s easy to make augmented reality into a flashy yet fleeting gimmick, Falcon’s Creative Group sees this expanding technological field as so much more. We see augmented reality as a transformative tool that can make the world a better place.

When most entertainment developers still saw virtual reality as a far-off glimmer out of science fiction, Falcon’s Creative Group was already working with this burgeoning technological advancement daily, to understand and perfect it. Falcon’s employs film, gaming, and computer experts whose collected virtual reality knowledge are not just advanced by themed entertainment standards – it’s advanced by the standards of any industry. These individuals then take on the role as virtual reality content developers and make it all possible. We were playing with prototypes of technology like Oculus Rift before many consumers had even heard of it.

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