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PGAV-designed Chishui Peninsula Resort now under construction

Aerial view ChishuiPeninsula Resort designed by PGAV Destinations

Chishui Peninsula Resort,  Changjiang Peninsula Cultural Industry Park is now under construction in Chishui, China, with the opening scheduled for 2019.

Designed by PGAV Destinations, the highly-thematic, immersive 56-acre park will transport guests to “Dinosaur City,” an ancient, hidden land where residents work devoutly to preserve and hatch precious dinosaur eggs. Offering unique experiences, dramatic beauty, and extraordinary adventures, the City will comprise three unique areas to explore: The Ancient City, Dinosaur City, and The Wilderness.

Chishui Peninsula Resort entry plaza
ChishuiPeninsula Resort – Entry Plaza

“We’re very proud that construction is now underway on a one-of-a-kind waterpark that will create an incredible themed adventure while celebrating our regional, natural beauty,” said Mr. Qi, Chairman of Zhunyi Culture and Tourism Development (Group) Co., Ltd. “Visitors from around the world will travel through the stunning forests and waterfalls of Chishui as they encounter prehistoric animals and enjoy world-class water rides.”

4D theatre features a floor that floods

Guests will begin their day in the “Ancient City,” as they embark on an adventure of discovery to uncover a lost civilization that nurtures dinosaur eggs to maturity and lives in harmony with them. Behind an impressive waterfall and moving toward a dramatic dinosaur icon, visitors will navigate through a secret canyon until they emerge to a stunning view of the 86,080 sq. ft. wave pool at the heart of the more ‘modern’ “Dinosaur City.”

Winding around the immense wave pool will be both a Lazy River and an Action River, the latter with swift current, waterfalls and surprise splashes. The Lazy River may be the world’s longest when it opens, and both rivers will feature dinosaurs in lush foliage lining the rivers and filled with Mesozoic-type plants, such as the Alsophila fern. Visitors will also enjoy a 4D-theatre with a floor that floods during a dinosaur adventure, a children’s splash zone which serves as the hatchery for dinosaur eggs, and touch-pools where guests can be close to regional fish and learn about local conservation issues.

Chishui Peninsula Resort Entry plaza icon
Chishui Peninsula Resort

“The Chishui Peninsula is currently a major destination for nature travellers as they explore the region’s countless waterfalls, forests and diverse wildlife,” said Ned Diestelkamp, Vice President at PGAV Destinations, the St. Louis-based firm that designed the park. “It’s an ideal setting to transform this immersive adventure into a world of dinosaurs and people living together in harmony, and to fully utilize the natural landscape to create an incredibly unique and dynamic waterpark experience.” Local design institute, Yuandao, carried PGAV’s designs through construction.

Dinosaur City full of surprises from riverbank to mountaintop

After exploring Dinosaur City, visitors can use one of four chair lifts to ride up the mountainside to “The Wilderness,” and begin their adventure of more than 20 attractions and two zip-line courses. Themed to be untamed, with dinosaurs that potentially don’t live in harmony with the City residents, the rides of The Wilderness utilize the natural topography of the hillside to keep guests within the shaded forest, providing surprise dinosaur encounters around every turn.

Special highlights include a RocketBLAST / FlyingSAUCER Proslide Water Coaster which will travel uphill and a Whitewater Manta slide. A chair lift will pass through its Venus Flytrap-shaped double-cupped wall. Both zip-line courses will terminate at the bank of the nearby river, while one will soar through a ridgeline aviary full of beautiful regional birds.

ChishuiPeninsula Resort canyon
Chishui Peninsula Resort – Canyon

“What’s essential to the success of these attractions is that they can be enjoyed by all guests, whether they’re riding or not,” says Diestelkamp. “A PGAV hallmark is to bring guest pathways, retail, and dining into surprising, close proximity to the rides, so that everyone can enjoy them in their own, unique way – Dinosaur City is full of that from riverbank to mountaintop.”

With architecture inspired by the physical traits of dinosaurs, the park will additionally include extensive dining and retail, four shows, 10 pools, a pool bar and live animal encounters. This attraction is part of a much larger master plan that aims to develop both sides of the nearby river, potentially including hotels, high-end luxury hotels, outdoor and indoor theme parks, and an RD&E corridor connecting each attraction.

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