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atiba edwards Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Atiba Edwards Executive VP & COO Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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Atiba Edwards is the Executive VP & COO of Brooklyn Children’s Museum and a leading thinker in museum operations, team management, and the visitor experience. 

His role at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum involves overseeing finance, HR, visitor experience, marketing, membership, facilities and several other areas. Prior to joining the museum, he co-lead a charter middle school in Brooklyn, NY. Before that he spent five years in investment banking at JPMorgan and Nomura Securities.

Edwards led the team at Brooklyn Children’s Museum to reimagine the museum experience in light of the ongoing pandemic. Atiba is in the vanguard of developing multi-modal, contactless experiences in the museum that “overcome the barriers of the written word.”

Furthermore, he is a leading thinker in redesigning the museum journey to facilitate safe hands-on experiences. He has also invested deeply in his staff to empower them and create team unity, offering weeks of training to adapt to the new era of COVID-19. He is leading thinker and doer when it comes to museums operations, team management, and the visitor experience.

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