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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Opening Event

Based on an orginal idea by ICONPATH Founder and Artistic Director, Michael Reid, the Opening Event for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, “Lights Up Game On” celebrated the iconic elements of one-day cricket as a heartwarming tribute to fans, players and match officials.

The show was inspired by the unique format of the 1-day match, beginning with the sunny, welcoming atmosphere of day time play…
transitioning into dusk and the anticipation of the lights coming to life…
followed by the electric moment when stadium lights flood the field in a warm glow.

The show was broken into 3 distinct acts, with 3 different moods that followed the actual path of the sun in Melbourne. The Day Sequence was a casual, festival-style atmosphere where we meet the 14 competing nations one by one including Tournament co-hosts NZ. The Night Sequence was a high-energy backyard party that embraced our new visitors as old friends. Linking the two extremes was the spectacular Protocol Sequence which featured an iconic Opening Moment that brought to life the emotional journey every player feels taking their place on the world stage at the ICC Cricket World Cup – years of training, hard work and determination culminating in a single moment. The scene also captured the excitement and tension every fan feels waiting for the crack of the bat when the pride of their nation is on the line.

This story was realised by drawing on Melbourne’s sophisticated puppetry design, build and performance community – world-leaders in the art form of large format, original creations. The result was a giant “Player” who represented every competing nation whilst also bringing the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup logo spectacularly to life.

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