Adventure pool – Spreewelten

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Pristine untamed nature, branching waterways and rich cultural traditions characterise the Spreewald.

Situated within the biosphere reserve, Spreewelten is located only an hour away from Berlin. Expanding and redesigning the adventure pool and sauna village is part of our future strategic development plan that aims to make Spreewelten more attractive to a range of different audiences over the long run through a special blend of fun and relaxation.

The Spreewald serves as the leitmotif: natural materials and context-appropriate planting create a virtually seamless transition between interior and exterior zones. The addition of wooden decks and an optimized use of surface areas make the adventure pool feel spacious and expansive.

Nothing in the world rivals penguins: the redesign of the penguin facility with thrilling underwater views and a penguin tunnel make visitors feel like they are swimming with the penguins. Two giant slides, a wave pool and a current channel provide added excitement. The peaceful natural surroundings set the tone for the outdoor area and the sauna village, while the restaurant indulges visitors with regional cuisine.