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Bus Ride With Interactive Game

~~Northern Leisure / Kiddy Rides, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of children’s coin operated rides take their latest innovation to IAAPA 2014!

The leading children’s coin operated ride manufacturer have worked with Sound Leisure to produce a new interactive Mr Bus ride incorporating a custom theme and twist on the popular childrens game Ol Mc Donald. The Bus themed game ensures the rider has riotous fun as they steer the bus to catch the falling balls tumbling down the play field. The ride has several features intended to increase the cashbox revenue and ensure it catches the imagination of players of all ages. The game can be played for amusement, or a ticket redemption option is available utilising a ticket vend unit to reward the rider for their score which is displayed on the dashboard area. With infectious playability, manic sounds and stunning visuals, the ride is no exception to the companies formidable reputation for quality, safety and fun.

“We are delighted with the results and the feedback we have received” says Gareth Jones, Northern Leisure’s Production Manager. “The game works brilliantly within the ride and looks great too. We have chosen a physically interactive feature as opposed to a digital one with tests and site trials proving extremely successful, in some cases generating revenue up to twice the amount of a standard ride!”

The Bus ride can be manufactured in custom colour schemes. A version based on the iconic London Bus will be shown on booth #402 at IAAPA 2014 Attractions Show, Orlando Florida.


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