CAVU – Self Driving Vehicle

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CAVU’s Self Driving Vehicle is the next generation in trackless dark ride vehicles.

CAVU’s new trackless dark ride vehicle delivers an unprecedented 99% uptime and requires no external infrastructure for navigation. The vehicles are intelligent, autonomous, can adapt to changing environment and are easy to integrate with other equipment like show action, scenic sets and other ride vehicles. Park owners can now have a dark ride experience requiring less space and infrastructure compared to other dark ride vehicles in the market.

CAVU’s SDV comes in 2 models. The Standard model seats 8 passengers and is capable of moving forward, reverse and rotating 360 degrees. The Plus model seats 6 passengers and features 3 DOF motion with pitch, roll and heave and up to 10 on-board special effects. CAVU’s SDV can also be customized to suit any space and theming concept.