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Chuzhou Theme Park, China

Global destination design and planning company, IDEATTACK, has unveiled designs for Chuzhou Theme Park in Anhui Province, China.

Slated to open in 2017, the USD225m world-class leisure destination features 37 main attractions and shows with themes ranging from adventure, fantasy and science-fiction to regional and Chinese heritage and culture.

Specially created food, beverage and retail offerings have been designed to underpin the theming throughout the 50-acre site and further enhance the guest experience.

Zone 1 represents the overarching theme of the entire park – the Azure Dragon in a form of dream and heaven. Encompassing the main parts of the theme park, entrance plaza and gate and Azure Dragon Island, Dream City will feature 4 major attractions and a rich dining and retail offering.

Zone 2 is dedicated to the heritage and culture of China. It will contain 3 major attractions celebrating some of China's natural and architectural wonders. Retail and dining will include the Mysterious Xuan Caves Restaurant and Great China Souvenir Shop.

The central themes of the Space Terminal Zone are the Universe, space technology and science fiction. Visitors will be immersed in a hi-tech, space-age environment with colourful lighting effects and space-related theming. The zone features 6 major immersive attractions. Retail and dining outlets include the UFO Supermarket, Time Capsule Restaurant, Planet Café, Milky Way Ice Cream Parlor, Rocket Snack and Souvenir Carts.

In Fantasy World Zone, guests enter a magical world of fairytales and enchanted environments via rainbow arches. This zone features 7 major attractions supported by themed retail and dining experiences: Bijouterie Market, Magic Shop, Fairytale Hollow, Wizard’s Pub, Hobbit’s Restaurant, Imaginary Creatures Carts.

Zone 5 is dedicated to the ancient trade route, the Silk Road and the western regions of China. 7 unique attractions, including the Sandstorm Surfers Coaster (below), feature various themes associated with the Silk Road. Guests can enjoy merchandise from distant lands and local cuisine from the Silk Road countries: Bukhara Bazaar, Silk Road Souvenir Shop, Caravanserai Restaurant, Desert Café.

Zone 6 is dedicated to the theme park’s host county and its regional culture. Wandong County will feature four exciting attractions as well as a retail and dining programme reflecting local customs and delicacies: Ancient Anhui Restaurant, Chuzhou Marketplace Souvenirs, Craftsman Ally, Snack Carts. 

Zone 7 is themed on a legend from Chinese mythology that tells the story the beginning of the world. Six attractions, including the Jungle Snake Flume Ride (below) will deliver the thrill of danger and adventure as visitors experience an entertaining twist on the dark side of the world. Themed retail and dining includes the Lava Restaurant, Crater Shops, Great Flood Soda Fountain, Warrior Souvenir and Snack Carts.


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