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Corpus, Journey through the human body

“Over the years, I have always seen Lagotronics Projects as a flexible, reliable and service-oriented organization. Lagotronics Projects always understands the aim and contributes ideas, ensuring creative solutions. I would therefore warmly recommend Lagotronics Projects.”   Maurice van Leeuwen, Facility Manager CORPUS

A spectacular journey through the human body.

At CORPUS, you will take a spectacular 55-minute-long journey through the human body. Afterwards, you can come to the Medical Information Centre, where you can play games to test your health and knowledge. This exhibit is the only one of its kind in the world. It offers a remarkable look at how the human body is put together and functions. The core values at CORPUS are plenty of exercise, responsible eating habits, and healthy living habits. Lagotronics Projects is a CORPUS partner and is closely involved in the organization of the seven-story educational visitors’ centre.

Decorative lighting, audiovisual installations, and 3D presentations

CORPUS asked Lagotronics Projects to create the entire audiovisual installation and decorative lighting so as to provide visitors with a thematic experience. The audiovisual installation includes audio, projections (including passive 3D projections), and a large LED monitor.

Passive 3D Projection

For the Heart theatre, we set up a passive 3D projection with full HD projectors in combination with BrightSign players, which exchange data via the network so that they can communicate with each other and coordinate the presentation. For the passive 3D projection in the Womb theatre, we decided to use rear projection. The advantage of rear projection is that the projectors are located behind the screen, so it is impossible for visitors to inadvertently block the light from the projector. Here, too, we use full HD projectors with high light output and a clear display on the special rear projection screens.

Wireless audio transmission

The audio playback throughout the entire experience is provided by the digital guidePORT system by Sennheiser. This wireless system with portable receiver and headphones uses zone sensors to automatically trigger playback for each visitor. The visitors receive the right audio in each zone, contributing to optimum enjoyment of the entire experience.

Decorative lighting

Lagotronics Projects designed and delivered the decorative and atmospheric lighting for the entire experience. The traditional lighting and RGB LED lighting are controlled by DMX and create the appropriate atmosphere per zone.

Show control technology

Our show control technology enables precisely timed control of all the systems described above throughout the entire building, including automatic doors, lifts, and special effects.

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