Disk’O Coaster

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The Disk’O Coaster utilizes the same innovative seat design of the original Disk’O ride especially designed with a back restraint which leaves both arms and legs free to move), but also offers an awe inspiring, extended track with a camelback hump.

The result is a new and unique roller coaster mixing together the effects of a roller coaster and a spinning ride. The Disk’O coaster dynamic action offers passengers the incredible weightless sensation and delivers unbelievable G-forces as in the traditional Disk’O. The 24 or 40 seats vehicle runs on an approx. 92 m long track reaching a maximum speed of 70 Km/h and drawing different trajectories at any time.

From a top height of 15mt. the vehicle starts its wild run along the track concave section at a variable speed of 30 to 70 Km/h. In less than a second the vehicle reaches the top of the central hump at approx. 40 Km/h and gives passengers a strong negative acceleration for an incredible weightless sensation. The Disk’O Coaster is the latest of many new ride projects from Zamperla aimed at drawing large crowds of thrill-seekers from a wide range of age demographics.

For an eye catching family thrill ride, look no further than the new Disk’O Coaster from Zamperla.