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Lionsgate Entertainment World

Framestore’s immersive team have created ride media for five attractions at Lionsgate Entertainment World, an innovative theme park that’s home to state of the art attractions. Of these, Framestore has delivered media for three VR experiences, a dark ride and a motion simulator, all of which allow visitors to immerse themselves in cinematic worlds including The Twilight SagaThe Hunger Games and the Divergent franchise.

The park’s aim is to engage visitors with rides that take advantage of some of the most advanced attractions technology available, including motion simulators, dark ride systems and VR experiences. Framestore has acted as the central point of creativity and development for all of the media used in these rides at Lionsgate Entertainment World.

Talking about the project, Sir William Sargent, Chief Executive Officer at Framestore said: ‘Entertainment brands have more opportunities than ever to maximise their IPs and the attractions at Lionsgate Entertainment World are a great example. Because of our extensive experience in the motion picture industry, Framestore was the perfect partner on this project and for Lionsgate and Thinkwell, as we worked together to turn these hugely popular film properties into location-based experiences that will engage and enthral visitors.’

Framestore has written, directed, produced and delivered media for five themed rides at Lionsgate Entertainment World as well as in-park environmental media that will engage visitors throughout their trip.

 The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride

A unique VR experience, this attraction lets visitors mount their own motorbike and race through the forest with none other than Jacob Black.

The Twilight Saga: Bella’s Journey

This dark ride tells the story of Twilight’s protagonist Bella Swan using the latest in projection and VFX technology.

Divergent: Dauntless Fear Simulator

An innovative VR experience, this fear-based attraction sees if you have what it takes to become Divergent.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight 

A 3D motion simulator, Mockingjay Flight lets riders join the rebellion as they try to escape The Capitol.

Gods of Egypt: Battle for Eternity

This VR roller coaster takes visitors on a high-speed journey through the fantastical world of Gods of Egypt.

Lionsgate: Environmental Media

Displayed on screens throughout the park, this media shows the IPs represented in the park including on a central three-storey, eight-screen structure.

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