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Liuzhou Happy Valley Theme Park, Guangxi Province

IdeaAttack Reveals Plans for OCT’s Liuzhou Happy Valley Theme Park

Designed by IDEATTACK Inc and developed and operated by OCT, the ¥1.2 million theme park scheduled to open at the end of 2016 comprises six zones with 33 attractions over a 120 acre (500, 000 sq m) site in Guangxi Province.

Dream Plaza (Entrance Area)

The entrance area to the theme park is developed in an imaginary fantasy medieval European style architecture and houses customer service facilities, large banquet hall for special events and themed retail

Casino Street

Envisioned as a vibrant neon city environment, and not as real gambling street, the Casino Street resembles the Las Vegas Boulevard in terms of energy and visual feast of lights and signage. This zone features several unique hi-tech attractions: Time Flying Theater (a space themed super market that sells products from different planets with façade that looks like Space Station; Mega Lite Coaster (themed as a “Contemporary Metropolis”, a futuristic city with vehicles of the roller coaster resembling “flying cars”; Bumper Cars (themed as a hi-tech electric car charge station and a futuristic car wash; Suspended Theater (an attraction that celebrates the past present and future of Liuzhou City); Hi-tech Culture Show (a car acrobatics stunt show)

Color Town

A fantastic imaginary kids city the Color Town zone has all buildings that typical town has, a city hall, museum, police station, driving school, mechanic shop, bus station and a research & development center, but with a twist. Each buildings houses one-of-a-kind attraction: Pandaman Dark Ride, Flying Plate Simulator, Interactive Theater, Digital Maze Town Museum, Game Ride and series of round-ride attractions, including Golden Cups, Climbing Vehicle, and Rotating Bee. The center of Color Town features Special FX Show – Zoetrope.

Mermaid Kingdom

A nautical themed area Mermaid Kingdom is divided into two areas, a Fisherman’s Village, and underwater discovery themed zone. Attractions in Mermaid kingdom include Scene 4D Theater, Disaster Theater, 360 Dome Theater, and outdoor rides such as Space Shot, Pirate Ship, Rotating Chair, the Mermaid, Double Deck Carousel, and Tilt Over

Sun Valley

Envisioned as separated adventure area featuring exotic palm trees, stones, rocks, volcanoes, totems, torches, pyramids, rock sculptures, and waterfalls, the Sun Valley brings wild prehistoric time to park visitors. Some of the featuring rides include Flume Ride, Giant Screen 3D Theater, Flying Theater, Magic Theater, Vision Drop, Haunted House, Mine Coaster, and outdoor rides such as Energy Storm and Frisbee.

Cloud Mountain

On the hill overlooking the theme park is the location of surreal Cloud Club garden and hilltop pavilion complex offering quiet and relaxing environment to balance the energetic and adventurous world below. An iconic lotus tower on the top of the Cloud Club serves also as observation deck for the entire area.

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