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Longsha Zoo & Botanical Garden, Qiqihar, P.R. China

Longsha Zoo & Botanical Garden, Qiqihar, P.R. China

A brand new zoo in northeastern China, the 80 acre site is located on the edge of the downtown core and exhibits animals from around the globe in simulated open habitats and interior climate controlled buildings.

The organization of the zoo is generally bio-geographic and includes African savanna, North American forest and plains, Asian forest and steppe, Southeast Asia forest, Australia, wetland birds, and a family friendly farm exhibit. The open forest and free-range areas exhibit cold hard species throughout the year, while indoor exhibits house less hardy species during the long winter months. Plants from northern latitudes are featured throughout the park. Interactive interpretive exhibits are scattered throughout the park, a children’s playground in featured in the farm area, and an indoor science center features non-live animal exhibits for visitors young and old.

TYPE: Zoo and Botanical Garden

STATUS: Opened 2014

CLIENT: Qiqihar, P.R. China

ANIMALS: International collection of mammals and birds

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