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OnStage Customer Experience Training

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Following more than 20 years of writing, speaking, and consulting with companies on their groundbreaking book The Experience Economy, international thought leaders Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore have created an invaluable program to help you stage remarkable experiences for your customers: OnStage Customer Experience Training.
Pine & Gilmore understand that companies with customer-facing personnel have a particularly powerful opportunity to change their customer experience today.  Front-line employees can play the make-or-break role in how customers ultimately feel about you — and the right training is critical for them to make the best impressions and positively represent your brand.


OnStage is an easy-to-use interactive training program that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. Specifically designed for the front-line employee, it features five key principles that directly apply to the live customer environment. Each module of content is made up of short, engaging discussions between Pine & Gilmore followed by summary discussions, quizzes, and worksheets. Individual modules are taught and new skills practiced over two-week periods so competency builds throughout the program. Using everyday language and powerful examples, OnStage encourages employees to adopt these new skills in ways that allow for their own innovation and creativity.


  • 24 / 7 access to the virtual training for your employee team
  • Quizzes and worksheets that reinforce the learning and apply it to your company
  • Quarterly live calls with Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore
  • Welcome Kit that includes a 20-page Manager’s Manual to guide administration of the training
  • Excerpts from The Experience Economy that pertain to customer interactions
OnStage helps any customer-facing employee transform routine engagements into engaging experiences. It’s virtual, meaning that it can be accessed from any computer, internet-enabled device, or the mobile app to allow training to occur on-demand and as often as needed.   It’s interactive, with individual and group exercises and quizzes to enhance the comprehension of the teaching. It’s tracked, with built-in monitoring so managers can see who is completing the training, grasping the concepts, and who needs extra assistance. The course is purchased as an annual license, allowing for the repetition of training necessary to build a permanent skill. And it’s appropriate for companies of all sizes, with membership levels and pricing based on your needs.


Experience for yourself a live demonstration of the OnStage program. Click here, select a date and an available time for you, and you’ll receive a Zoom meeting invitation for a personal walk-through with our colleagues at FiveFour.
Front-line employee interactions are often the point where repeat customers are made or negative reviewers are sent scrambling for their smartphones. It’s now time to do something about it – get your employees OnStage and begin to transform the experience for both them and your customers.

For more information, please email or call +1 605.759.4802